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First of all, go to the register page and draw up the document.

It's very easy to buy kits from ROMEO MODELS. Take a look to our on-line catalogue and when you find out an items you want to buy, click on "add" to put it into your  shopping cart.Remember that minimum order is 10€.
Shopping cart
On the right part of the web-page you find the "CHECK" button of your shopping cart. Clicking you can control every time you want, the list of items you added into it. Inside the shopping cart you can modify quantity or cancel what you added for mistake. If you have to stop your shop suddenly, when you'll connect again to , done the login, you'll find your shopping cart in the same status as you left it. So you can end your shopping.
How to close an order
A   after you checked your shopping chart, draw up the box below (we suggest you to print it) indicating your name, chose the shipping way, payment method (PayPal, wire transfer), write an eventual note for the freighter and send the order. Now you can see your order with shipping cost e your address for confirmation. If everything is correct, you can pay.
Made the login, inside the box "user on line" you can click on "ORDERS" and check which is the status of your current orders and back-orders.

Customers can see inside the shopping chart how much they have to pay for shipment.
FREE shipment for all European countries for orders of €150,00 and more

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